Electrolysis Hair Removal Salon in Osaka, Japan

What Is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis is a hair removal process that has been used effectively over the years. It employs the use of electrical currents which are directed to individual hair follicles. This process can be used on any part of the body. So, if you are looking for a proven way to deal with hair re-growing on your body, this is the ideal option.


Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved hair removal solution, making it safe and risk-free.  Electrolysis can remove hair around the Nape, Ears, Abdomen, Eyebrows, Jawline, Underarms, Bikini lines, Chest, Breasts, Throat, Chin, Upper lip, Hairline, Fingers, and toes. There are three methods of electrolysis: thermolysis, galvanic electrolysis, and blend.

Who Is Electrolysis Hair Treatment For?

Electrolysis hair removal is good for both men and women. The treatment can be done on any part of the body including areas where laser hair removal or IPL treatments have failed.


Whether you have white hair, blonde hair, or dark skin, electrolysis is something that will work perfectly and deal with unwanted hair.

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Electrolysis Hair Treatment For Men

If you are a man who has been struggling every day to shave your beard, hair on the chest, legs, arms, and any other part of your body, then it is time you consider electrolysis hair removal.


With hundreds of procedures done on men with different skin types and hair colors, Pinsia is your go-to place for men’s electrolysis hair removal in Osaka, Japan. We also serve the Kansai area such as Kobe and Kyoto.

Electrolysis Hair Treatment For Women

Beauty is very important for every woman, and hair maintenance is equally crucial. But the challenge of trimming unwanted hair every time can be unbearable.


After an electrolysis hair removal procedure with us, your skin will remain smooth and silky while your unwanted hair will permanently never come your way and you will be the beauty queen that you have always wanted to be.


(Excl. Consumption Tax)

New Clients

  • Initial Counseling +10 mins Treatment ¥4,750
  • Initial Counseling +20 mins Treatment ¥9,500
  • Initial Counseling +50 mins Treatment ¥19,000

Returning Clients

  • 30 mins (Treatment 20 mins) ¥6,800
  • 60 mins (Treatment 45 mins) ¥13,600
  • 90 mins (Treatment 75 mins) ¥20,400
  • 2 Hours (Treatment 105 mins) ¥27,200
  • 3 Hours (Treatment 160 mins) ¥40,800
  • 5 Hours (Treatment 275 mins) ¥68,000

Operating Hours

10:00am ~ 1:00pm
2:00pm ~ 7:00pm
Wednesday Closed


(By Appointment Only)

Osaka-fu Osaka-shi Nishi-ku Kitahorie 1-17-11
River Rise Kitahorie 3F

・Yotsubashi Line / Yotsubashi Station/ 3 minutes walk from Exit 4
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・Midosuji Line / Shinsaibashi Station / 10 minutes walk from Exit 7